Business and personal correspondence, Internet sites, commercial documents, declarations, literary texts, specialized texts in different subject areas, translation at meetings, etc.


With regard to turnaround time we offer 3 types of service:
Standard (5 pages per day)– from 3 to 5 workdays;
Fast – within 3 working days;
Express – within 8 working hours from the moment of acceptance;

Price Formation

The price of a translation is calculated per page consisted of 1800 symbols, including spaces. You can easily count the number of pages in the electronic versions of the text using the Word Count function from Microsoft Word's Tools menu. The number of physical pages of the text for translation or the text being translated is not used to calculate the price.Translation of less than 1800 symbols (e.g. ID card) is charged as one page.

For orders larger than 100 pages timing and price are negotiated.

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